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Western Outlaw Star fans have posted about two Outlaw Star sequels for a long time but didn't delve very far. The first is Outlaw Star 2: Sword of Wind which was intended to be a direct OVA sequel to the anime. The second is Outlaw Star 2: Retaliation, assumed to be a manga sequel but little information is available aside from a few pictures of the XGP and a city. For that reason you'll find Retaliation and any other manga information in the manga section.

Sword of Wind was planned by Morning Star Studios in 1998 as an OVA sequel to the anime. Although Takehiko Ito was involved with the anime adaptation a lot of the manga's story and its theme was changed heavily. He only had limited creative control. This time, however, he planned this sequel entirely on his own and presumably with other staff in his studio. In 2002 he started sharing some information about this planned OVA online. It's also to be assumed that during these years Morning Star liaised with Bandai as they're more flexible than Sunrise Studios who produced the anime, whereas Bandai held the license.

SoW Gene

Unfortunately, in the same year that Takehiko Ito shared this media his project was shut down. It could be a coincidence but we simply don't know. You might however consider this fortunate as you might not like Sword of Wind's storyline. (At least, a good few people on Outlaw Star Nexus felt that way.) This is a full (perhaps with a few inaccuracies) translation of the original webpage created by Takehiko Ito. He had this to say about the project's demise:

"Hello. My name is Takehiko Ito. I can speak a little English. You looks project in my site contents. It's plan for Outlaw Star 2. But, that title is only plan and frozen yet. We planning new and different project now. Sorry. I love Outlaw Star too. Maybe I continue Outlaw Star by comic. Thank you!"

If you've read the PDF you'll know the basic gist of the story; Fred goes to the Oracion system and tries to arrange a business deal with the Links group but is refused. His transport ship explodes. Gene is no longer working with Jim, and to make matters worse Melfina isn't either as she's gone to college and has become a supporting character. Now three years after the end of Outlaw Star, Gene is working with a spacecraft engineer called Dr. Sputnik who happens to be working on a ship called the Sword of Wind that even surpasses the XGP's capabilities. He has a daughter called Diva who Jim is attracted to. That's a summary of what we knew with only two low-res images in that PDF. Good news, though! That was 2011. Since then we found one of Takehiko Ito's doujinshi which contains some extra concept art... (More further on, too!)


Written by Mantis